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Pet Planning

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When drafting a will, many Canadians overlook or forget to consider what happens to their beloved pets after they pass away. Families grow, whether that be through marriage, birth, adoption or inviting a furry friend into your home. Electing a Pet Guardian is a great way to start the preparation process for making sure your beloved pet is taken care of after your death.

What Else Can I Do?

After writing a new will, or updating a pre-existing will with a pet guardian, it’s time to consider what else needs to be done. Typically, it’s a good idea to leave some money behind for the care and management of your pet, just as you would with children. This can be important especially with animals that require a higher level of involvement or care, for example they have health problems or are prone to them. Additionally, some pets can outlive their owners by years. So, its key to make sure that the pet guardian has enough funds to not have to burden unexpected costs and making sure that the pet is taken care for as you would have wanted. Wills Keeper provides you with the option to both appoint a guardian to your pet, and leave a pet trust if you wish to do so.

The Big Picture

The most important thing to keep in mind is that as your family dynamics, and your life circumstances change and evolve it is key to update your Will accordingly. It’s difficult to account for every scenario from the outset, which is why Wills Keeper makes it easy to update your Will as necessary.