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Affidavits of Execution for Wills Explained

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What is it?
An affidavit of execution is a document that one of your witnesses can fill out in front of a lawyer or commissioner of oath. It states that they were present at the time you signed your Will in your presence and the other witness. This document serves as an oath that they witnessed the signing.

Do I need one?
There is no formal or legal requirement for an affidavit of execution, and it’s completely optional. Your Will remains completely valid with or without it. It becomes required by the courts if your Will is probated. For that reason, it is considered good practice to have it signed and ready in advance.

How do I get one?
WillsKeeper provides you with the affidavit of execution required when you download your Will through our platform. You can also always download them from the official websites linked below.

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